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Agel™ FIT helps play a role in the frustrating struggle of 'eating less' and 'moving more' that is essential to weight loss and maintenance, without the harmful effects of stimulants. It contains a natural, active ingredient called Super CitriMax®, the patent pending form of HCA (HydroxyCitric...

This Just In: Dr. Oz, the Medical Quack (L-O-N-G)

From Slate .  They're JUST NOW onto him--what took them so long?  Even away from the TV stage, he's just a glorified pill salesman.

He obviously found a way to avoid insurance headaches AND Obamacare all in one:  cross the threshold into the entertainment world wearing your scrubs...then take kickbacks from the companies whose products you endorse as miracle diet solutions.


Source: Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Old Bat Cave

Yahoo answershas anyone tried ecoslim?

  • Skin Conditions

    classictammy- Here's info on EcoSlim: Manufacturer: Native Remedies Composition: Herbal extract and natural supplement mixture; tonic Amount per bottle: 50 mL in dropper form Product Claim: The...

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  • Dr. Oz's miracle diet is malarkey

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